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Hand-dyed with love in SoCal.



UPDATE COMING SOON! I'm dyeing up a storm for a 12/4 craft fair, and will update the online store once I know what I still have in stock!



I'm Jen, a classical composer and yarn lover living in the San Gabriel Valley, near Los Angeles. I've always loved crafting, but since the pandemic began, crafting's been a really essential source of joy, comfort, and stress relief for me.

Times are slow for musicians right now, especially musicians with three young children running around at home! I started dyeing yarn as a hobby and selling it to break even (and buy more yarn, of course), but I've been surprised, both by how much I love it and how much other folks seem to love it, too? So I'm making it official, and here's 626 Yarn & Fiber Co.! Right now, I'm making yarn in small batches, and will update the store every Saturday with new yarns. My colorways are all relatively new, and the ease with which I can reproduce them varies, so please snap something up quickly if you like it! I can try to replicate something that's sold out as a custom order, but my success will vary.

There's a lot to love about dyeing yarn and making with yarn. I think of the first sweater that my PoPo made me when I was a kid, how warm and how loved it made me feel. I think of the baby blankets I've knit and woven for my children, and how they still take them to bed each night. I think of getting together with friends (boy, do I miss that) and knitting/crocheting while drinking hot cider and watching old movies or yelling at figure skating competitions. But I also think of visiting yarn stores, warping a loom, or spooning dye into a steam table full of yarn: there's a simple beauty and pleasure in such experiencing color or holding a soft yarn, and there's a mindfulness to doing something simple and beautiful alone. And I think we could all use some of that, especially now.

I hope these yarns bring you some measure of comfort, pleasure, and joy. They definitely have for me.

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