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I heard recently that remembering something happy gives you a lot of the same boost (neurologically speaking) as experiencing that happy thing did. "Woodsmoke" is named as an homage to one of the last parties I went to before the pandemic began, where one of the things I remember is chatting with friends around a firepit. This colorway is a broken black (more about this on the blog), which yielded shades of rust, gray, and blue, with purple overdyed in areas. It reminds me of the colors aged wood can reveal.


  • This yarn base, Facet, is a luminous fingering/sock weight yarn, spun as a single from 70% superwash merino, and 30% silk. It's perfect for delicate, drapey, knits. I love the luxurious feel and luminous sheen the silk gives this yarn, as well as the way it picks up color most deeply on the outside layer of the yarn, lending deep variation to the dyed strand. 438 yds, 100g. Hand wash, dry flat. (Even though the fiber is superwash merino, I'd hand wash because singles need more gentle care.)

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