By popular demand, I'm offering a variant of the Thai Iced Tea gradient packs, this one with full skeins! Orders will ship 2-3 weeks after purchase.


NOTE: The mini-skein gradient pack is pictured here. The full-sized skeins are the same colors; just bigger!

Thai Iced Tea gradient packs are finally available! I've been dreaming of this colorway since I began dyeing yarn. This pack of five full-sized skeins is almost-but-not-quite-guaranteed to help it feel like summer even in the middle of winter.

For these full-skein packs, there are two options:

1) You can order your pack with or without Boba, a very dark brown, classic boba color. The extra full-sized skein is $35. Picture forthcoming!

2) You can add additional skeins, just in case your big project doesn't call for a multiple of five skeins. :) Please let me know how many extra skeins you'd like, and what colors they should be (say #1 is the lightest color in the pack, and #5  is the darkest). Extra full-sized skeins are $35 each.

PRE-ORDER: Thai Iced Tea Gradient Pack (Full Skeins)

  • This yarn base, Strand, is a classic fingering/sock weight yarn, made with 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon, and spun 4-ply for good bounce. It's wonderfully soft and yet strong and functional, perfect for socks and shawls as a single strand, or held double for sweaters and other bigger knits.


    The full-size gradient pack consists of five full skeins that are each 460 yards and 100g. Hand wash, dry flat.